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The Missing Children Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that was founded to utilize our expertise and investigative skills to recover and retrieve missing and exploited children.

Over 2 million children are reported missing yearly and there are many more that are never reported. We have a team of specialists who actually search and rescue these children and return them to their homes or a safe environment. Our investigators are licensed, bonded and state approved to locate these children, recover them and insure a safe return. We are a privately owned,

non-profit organization, so your tax-deducted donations

are extremely important in funding this growing epidemic.

The Missing Children

Foundation also provides seminars
on safety and education to parents, teachers, adults and children. "Our cause

is to keep our children safe".

Come join us. With your membership, you receive a beautiful certificate baring our seal, suitable for

framing, a monthly newsletter with education and other tips, and reports of children both located, as well as missing. There is also information for buying safety and security equipment which includes periodic product reviews. We will also feature a celebrity commentary every month.

Help a child and their family out with a $20 a month membership

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Phone: (888) 477-9488