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Your privacy is our utmost concern.

DMI uses a 128-bit GeoTrust SSL Server Certificate that is among the highest browser recognition Web Certificates available today. GeoTrust Web Certificates support 128-bit SSL communications, the highest level of security commercially available today. The use of 128-bit SSL certificates has become standard for e-commerce enabled web sites or any site that collects private information from users such as credit card numbers, account numbers or passwords.

Secure communication over the Internet is continually gaining in importance. As concerns over privacy rights accentuate and the
e-commerce per transaction dollar value increases, confidence that we are communicating confidentially is becoming all the more valuable. Also, business and consumer relationships are beginning to exist entirely on-line and parties need to have confidence that they are communicating with the intended counter party. SSL Web Certificates solve both of these problems for users sharing sensitive or private information with on-line merchants. DMI possesses an SSL Digital Certificate so that people requesting investigations are confident the information they are submitting over the internet is secure.

Who uses a SSL Web Server Certificate?
Any company or individual wishing to collect private information from its users will require a Web Certificate. This includes all e-commerce web-sites (for which SSL security has already become the standard) as well as sites which collect personal information from their users.

Each company or individual that wishes to collect such information should have their own certificate. There are two important benefits to having a unique certificate (as opposed to using a certificate that was issued in another party's name):

Liability For Stolen Data
On-line privacy issues are continually becoming of greater and greater importance. Breaches of privacy will, at best, result in embarrassment and loss of trust for the on-line merchant and, at worst, result in costly and embarrassing litigation. If more than one party is using the same certificate, at some point in the data transfer process the possibility will exist for the information to be intercepted by at least one of the other parties using the certificate.

When the secure-session icon is visible in the browser's frame it is indicating that the browser has entered into a secure session. Double-clicking on this icon will reveal the information about the certificate. Among other items regarding the certificate (Certificate Authority, date of expiry, etc.), the information screen will identify to whom the certificate was issued. If the company to whom the certificate was issued is not the company with whom the user is intending to communicate then the level of professionalism is diminished and the trust is lost.