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When fraud is suspected, turn to DMI! As a claim investigation organization serving insurers in the entire state of California, we are uniquely qualified to look at virtually any suspicious claim that may arise. Our mission is to provide clients with an adequate basis to support the payment of legitimate losses and to determine the merits of each case.

Our staff includes some of the industry's leading fraud investigators, many of whom are former law enforcement officials and government agents. We are recognized experts in the surveillance, investigation and reporting of insurance fraud. We know how to spot staged or paper accidents, suspicious slip and fall claims, arson for profit, and many other types of fraudulent activities. Our nationwide database gives us access to information on suspects who may be operating in other parts of the country.

Our claims investigation service covers all forms of commercial insurance liability (products, premises, truck/auto, municipal), construction accidents, arson and toxic waste/environmental claims. We also investigate claims arising from personal insurance policies, auto and homeowner's liability and theft/burglary incidents. In the professional insurance arena we investigate claims for medical and legal malpractice as well as errors and omissions. We offer accident reconstruction using both video and animation technology.

Our Special Investigation Division (SID) is dedicated to worker's compensation professionals.

Services Include:

Full & Limited Investigations Compensability
Subrogation Investigations
Medical/Personal Records Review
Activity Checks
Claimant Backgrounds (apportionment & claims history)

With DMI on your side you can rest assured that any possible fraud will be detected early and dispatched in a timely, thorough, and professional manner.